International Workshop on Logic, AI and Law (LAIL 2023) will be held on 11th-12th September 2023, at Guanghua Law School, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. The workshop is associated with the national key project “Research on Logics for New Generation Artificial Intelligence” (2021-2025). The aim of the workshop is to explore the landscape of logics for the cutting-edge AI and law. It intends to be an international forum to promote the understanding of how logic can help to automate legal reasoning of various types, to represent legal knowledge in a machine readable and computable manner, to facilitate argumentation in different fields of law, to capture the dynamic and interactive feature of real-life legal practice, and finally, to bring together the knowledge system and data system of law in the new generation of AI.
This workshop is a satellite event of ZJULogAI2023 taking place at Zhejiang University from 8th - 12th September 2023.
The workshop will be organised in hybrid mode, with all online talks scheduled in the same session or day.

List of Topics

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Automatic legal compliance checking
  • Argument mining and formal models of legal argumentation
  • Defeasible legal reasoning models
  • Deontic logic for legal reasoning
  • Evidential reasoning in law
  • Explanation in AI & Law
  • Formal models of legal concepts
  • Formal models of rule-based legal reasoning
  • Formal models of case-based legal reasoning
  • Knowledge-based approach to automatic classification of legal text
  • Legal knowledge representation
  • Legal reasoning and big data
  • Logical approach to ethical AI
  • Reasoning in legal Semantic Web
  • Reasoning about action and change in the legal domain
  • Reasoning about dynamics of normative systems
  • Reasoning on legal knowledge graph
  • Reasoning with values in law
  • Smart contract

Sponsors and Funders