The 5th International Conference on Logic and Argumentation (CLAR 2023) invites contributions from logic, artificial intelligence, philosophy, computer science, linguistics, law, and other areas studying logic and formal argumentation. CLAR 2023 will be held 10th-12th September 2023 at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. In order to save travelling cost and time, the conference will be held in a HYBRID format (virtual and physical attendance both accepted), and we encourage physical participation if possible.

CLAR 2023 aims to highlight recent advances in logic and argumentation and foster interaction in these two areas between researchers within and outside China. Previous conferences can be accessed via:

This conference is a satellite event of ZJULogAI2023 taking place at Zhejiang University from 8th - 12th September 2023.

CLAR 2023 is supported by the National Social Science Fund of China, the Shen Shanhong Fund of Zhejiang University Education Foundation, and the cross innovation program for outstanding graduate students in the Key Laboratory of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

List of Topics

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Abstract argumentation
  • Applications of logic and/or argumentation
  • Applied logic
  • Argumentation and game theory
  • Argumentation and law
  • Argumentation and linguistics
  • Argumentation and medical reasoning
  • Argumentation and causal reasoning
  • Argumentation and explainable AI
  • Argumentation and ethical AI
  • Argumentation and knowledge graph reasoning
  • Argumentation and modal logics
  • Argument mining
  • Argumentation schemes
  • BDI logic
  • Computational argumentation
  • Deontic logic
  • Dynamic epistemic logic
  • Belief revision
  • Formal models for dialog and argumentation
  • Informal logic
  • Judgment aggregation
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Logic for game theory
  • Logic for multi-agent systems
  • Logic for semantic web
  • Logic for social networks
  • Mathematical logic
  • Modal logic
  • Nonmonotonic logics
  • Numerical and uncertainty reasoning
  • Philosophical logic
  • Pragma-Dialectics
  • Preference logic
  • Probabilistic argumentation
  • Quantitative argumentation
  • Structured (i.e. logic-based) argumentation
  • Uncertain argumentation

Sponsors and Funders